Black compact mirror

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Project Description

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black compact mirror

Black compact mirror

PP plastic

Injection black color with printing

Square shape with one side

MOQ 5000pcs

Product Spec.

Black compact mirror is the single mirror, flat square, large printing area, logo effect is good, can promote the company better, Black compact mirror as a good promotional gift, not only cheap, good advertising effect, but also quality certificate, packaging can be customized according to customer requirements.

Description:Black compact mirror
Item No:MV-029
Materials:PP plastic
Packingopp bag/PVC box/white box etc
PrintingSilk printing/pad printing/hot transfer printing/Bronzing/Laser engrave

Plastic compact mirror materials introduce:

Plastic pocket mirror materials include plastic and glass mirror, plastic is for the frame, inside is glass mirror.

The plastics of the compact mirror mainly include pp, ps, and ABS, and occasionally acrylic. but the base price requirements of these three will be more.

black compact mirror


PP, PS plastic prices are relatively low, low-end cosmetic mirrors mainly use PP plastic , some companies in the main market in India or Arab countries, in order to meet the low price requirements of customers, generally use PP, PS material, hardness, flexibility, use In terms of cycle, these two materials are similar to ABS, but in appearance, these two materials do not meet the high-quality requirements, PP plastic frame only can do injection color, can’t do plated-gold. 


The unit price of ABS plastic raw materials is about 2 times that of PP/PS. The plastic is hard, the appearance of the gloss is good, and it is not easy to scratch. The most important thing is that his surface can do some high-grade production processes, such as plated-gold, plated-silver. There is also a spray rubber, suitable for some high-end cosmetic mirrors, such as exported to Europe and the United States, Japan’s makeup mirror will use this plastic.

plastic materials


Strictly speaking, the mold is not a production material, it is only an important tool in the production process. When we mold the plastic shell, we need a pair of molds first. so there is no doubt that any plastic mirror, regardless of the size, has molds. Professional production plants produced according to samples or production drawings, production mold produce plastic frame base on the designer’s design. The surface and edge of the frame produced by a fine workmanship mold are smooth and the size is fine.


There are two kinds of lenses for the Black compact mirror, one is a plastic lens and the other is a glass lens. There is no difference in function, but the glass lens is fragile. In addition, if the edge of the glass lens is not smooth, it is easy to scratch the finger, a double-sided The pocket mirror lens has two different lenses, one is a normal lens, the other is a 2X magnified mirror, which is the configuration of a conventional cosmetic mirror, and some cosmetic mirrors have 5X 10X lenses in order to meet the special needs of customers.


How to custom compact mirrors?

We custom compact mirrors according to customer requirement, style can be chosen, Color, the Print logo can be done according to design, packing also can custom according to request, such as opp bag, PVC box, white box etc.

Customize Black compact mirror MOQ 5000PCS, Printing logo on the surface, good promotional gift. If you need it, you can contact us directly. We will quote one to one the first time